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Clawson MI Locksmith Store are the premier locksmith and security experts in the Clawson region, providing 24/7 locksmith and security services whenever they need our help. Our specially trained experts at Clawson MI Locksmith Store apply the experience and the technical resources, experience and practical knowledge, and our local clients know us for the work we do with both emergency services and general security.

Whether you find yourself in a tight situation with a vehicle, need help securing your home or business, or just need advice on what the right security system is for your facility, Clawson MI Locksmith Store technicians are there for you. With our fleet of mobile locksmith vans, Clawson MI Locksmith Store helps solve the most complex issues with your home or business security quickly and with the latest security technology available to you.

With Clawson MI Locksmith Store, you have a team of security professionals who are on your side and ready to use a vast store of knowledge and practical experience to resolve your security issues quickly and easily. Clawson MI Locksmith Store specializes in the design on-site of unique keyway systems that can include both master keys and multi-level sub-master keys, with both traditional and electronic key systems to fit your needs.

We at Clawson MI Locksmith Store make customer satisfaction our number one priority for every day and for every job. Our techs are trained to make sure that they are kept abreast of the latest advances in security to keep our clients safe. Whether it's for the latest in lock and key technology for your home, business or care, our first priority is your security and satisfaction. Call Clawson MI Locksmith Store today for all of your needs.

Emergency Locksmith

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Clawson residents know that when they need expert locksmith services, there's only one name they need: and that's Clawson MI Locksmith Store with our specialized fleet of mobile locksmith workshops. With the latest technology in locksmithing tools, our technicians can perform the full suite of locksmith services, making them capable of replacing of replacing keys, repairing locks, and a range of other services where needed.

Damaged locks mean reduced safety and security, and for residential and business customers that can be genuinely scary. Damaged locks can bring business to a halt, and they can leave residential families and business assets unsafe. That's why it's time to count on the round-the-clock services of Clawson MI Locksmith Store, and our experts can be there in as little time as an hour to resolve any issue.

Clawson MI Locksmith Store Clawson, MI 248-697-2718

Clawson MI Locksmith Store is capable of scaling up to handle any level of project, no matter how large that project may potentially be. Whether it's as simple as fixing a broken home or auto lock or a large scale security change for a hotel, we can create keyway systems with sublocks as quickly as overnight. If former tenants or burglars need to be kept out of apartment complexes, we can make those changes quickly and efficiently for landlords. 

The Clawson MI Locksmith Store team is here for homeowners, landlords, residents and businesses to make sure that their private property and persons stay safe. We realize how dangerous a broken lock can be and know that when you have a broken lock, time is of the essence when it comes to security for your home or business. We are there when you need us.


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